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Again, a bit of a neglected website here it seems to me! So here is just a small update with other things coming along soon.

Covid19! what a thing it is and such a very strange, disruptive and difficult year it has been for many of us. The great team at Twisted Jukebox have published an industry album I created earlier in the year. A work set in a dystopian future where the rich/poor divide has never been more in plain site.  There are elements of real hope and optimism alongside despair and chaos. There are many stories to be told around this theme.

It started off as a minimal underscore collection of tracks under the working title of 'Alpha Construct' but as it neared completion a new title of 'Rogue Dawn' was chosen. Artwork taken care of by Sam Hayles at Dose-Productions. A lot of experimentation shaped into an upfront set of trailer pieces, rough with the smooth.

Rogue Dawn by Austin Noble [Austin Philip Noble]

Excerpts here with complete works on Apple Music / Amazon:

If you would like to you can subscribe to the new Youtube Channel: Youtube Subscribe: Austin Noble - Composer and Sound Designer



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