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Batman Arkham Knight 'Gotham is Mine' music by Austin Noble for the official 2015 Trailer for the Warner Bros computer game Batman Arkham Knight developed by Rocksteady Studios. This trailer for the major gaming release features my music soundtrack Event Threshold throughout which contains a hefty amount of my original and exclusive sound design work not to be found anywhere else.

A new Sound Design tool called Kaleidoscope developed by the wonderful 2CAudio was also used for a few of my elements within Event Threshold for the trailer. Kaleidoscope is a really powerful workmans tool and enables you to get really deep into the shaping and developing of new sound in a completely unique way. There is nothing else like it out there to unleash the potential of a raw sound. I see it as a way to create new building materials and not the finished building.

Some of my Sound Design presets are included in the Factory release of Kaleidoscope, some of which were built off photographs I took of a Spitfire Rolls Royce Merlin Engine.

Presets get a mention in these write ups:



Event Threshold by Austin Noble is published by Twisted Jukebox. : Event Threshold

Batman Arkham Knight 'Gotham is Mine' - [Requires Youtube sign in]


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